The Syndikat’s Publications

The Syndikat’s Publications

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Rücke vor zur Schlossallee (Advance to Boardwalk)



The Mietshäuser Syndikat introduces itself: the whole up-to-date picture in printed form – with self-portrayals of all projects in the network. Ready to be downloaded here (click on the image) – the up-to-date printed version is usually available from the local Syndikat projects; on request, we will also send one or more copies by mail.


Nr. 6
Juli 2013
4,1 MB

Nr. 5
Februar 2010
2 MB

Nr. 4
Januar 2008
2,2 MB

Nr. 3
Februar 2005
3,3 MB


The Syndikat magazine

synapse7At the end of 2001, the first Synapse was issued as “the Mietshäuser Syndikat’s new magazine.” The magazine replaced a newsletter for members and intended was to bundle the various channels of information. Issue no.7 from April 2011 was the last to appear. Meanwhile, topical discussions tend to take place on the Internet. All previous editions of the Synapse are available for download in pdf format here.



Nr. 7
April 2011
1,2 MB

Nr. 6
Sept. 2006
568 KB

Nr. 5
Juni 2005
1,7 MB

Nr. 4
Nov 2003
328 KB

Nr. 3
April 2003
378 KB

Nr. 2
April 2002
223 KB

Dez 2001
288 KB